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   I have always struggled with sleep. A deep, revitalizing sleep is a very rare occurance for me. I also sometimes struggle to ground my energy, or remain energetically balanced from head to toe. When this happens, sleep feels impossible. Time and time again when I've seen Raphaela for a treatment, I walk out that door unbelievably relaxed, re-balanced, and sleep deeply and peacefully for several nights. 

     I have a healthy bedtime routine, and follow all of the advice out there, but nothing does it like a Qi Gong treatment from Raphaela. When I used to suffer from headaches, Raphaela's treatments had the same amazing results. 

      What I love most about Raphaela is how much she cares, how much knows, and how wonderful it feels just to be in her presence. We all need a little healing from time to time and I cannot recommend her enough so your go-to. You will get the result you seek. 


I've been struggling with a myriad of health problems (low energy, poor digestion, PCOS with fluctuating hormonal levels, and Raynaud's Syndrome just to name a few). Raphaela took the time to come in on a Sunday and do a Qi Gong treatment on me before I left town. She went through an exhaustive list of any potential health problems to really understand what is going on with my body. During the treatment, Raphaela made sure I was completely comfortable and explained what the movements she was performing would do to help with my many problems. The treatment itself was very relaxing and immediately improved my digestion (I heard my stomach rumbling the whole time!!). Afterwards I felt completely balanced and peaceful, I HIGHLY recommend coming in for a treatment. After she was done, she gave me several meditations and pressure points to work on in my own time to help with spleen, liver, and kidney function -- all of the personalized places that she found to be lacking. I plan to continue to use these and am so excited to see how much they help. Overall, I highly recommend coming in for an amazing, personal, and relaxing experience :).


Raphaela is a very gifted healer. Using Qi Gong therapy, she very effectively relieves aches and pains. She has also corrected sleep and digestive issues. After just a few minutes of Qi Gong therapy from Raphaela I begin to feel energy flowing freely through my body, and have a sense of well being and good health.


My Qi Gong treatment far surpassed my initial narrow understandings and expectations. I count on it now to supplement my Physical Therapy and gym training to relieve body stress/pain. I trust Raphaela' s professional instincts, and interpretations. She has helped me very much to dissipate physical pain.


Raphaela is awesome! She is very knowledgeable and in tune with her clients' needs and preferences. My treatment was amazing, the feeling of balance and healing after a session with Raphaela was exactly what I needed. Come see her!


Raphaella is very kind, thoughtful, considerate. Very client focused, yet personable Raphaella is very kind, thoughtful, considerate. Very client focused, yet personable

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