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Qi Gong Treatment Programs

Qi Gong Treatment Programs

The reason my clients achieve good health and extended sustained relief  is because of the following treatment plans. These plans condense the healing process by establishing a tight schedule for the next several treatments. These appointments help us both stay on track and keep your health objectives  a top priority. The benefits of Qi Gong treatments are cumulative.  Each treatment builds on the work accomplished in the previous treatment(s)

I offer several cost-effective programs that help to ensure you receive the most benefit from these treatment(s).


The Premium Program for Accelerated Healing    $625.00

10 Treatments  One 90 minutes treatment, followed by eight 60 minute treatments and one hour of Qi Gong exercises and nutrition consultation to augment the healing process.

Fundamental changes in the function of the body requires a sustained and extended series of treatments. This program is for individuals suffering from inter-related symptoms. For example, chronic fatigue, inflammation, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, tension headaches, migraines, and digestive issues.  We will set a 10-treatment goal once we establish your baseline. Incremental weekly progress is the aim of this comprehensive package.



The Super 6-Pack Program  $400.00

One 90-minute treatment, followed by five 60-minute treatments.

This package is for individuals suffering from the following conditions: stress, anxiety and depression, trouble sleeping, neck and shoulder tension, poor appetite, trouble maintaining  healthy boundaries, difficulty transitioning from one season to the next. This program is also beneficial if you previously had an acute condition that has improved and you want to maintain your health and wellness.  You will learn  visualization and meditations techniques for your specific needs.  You will also receive seasonal nutrition consultation, so that you remain healthy during dramatic shifts in the weather. 


The Magic Trio   $195.00

Use your "Trio" program before or after a big event, a trip, a special occasion, a job or job interview, an exam, a medical procedure, or when you feel stuck and need a tune up. This program is most beneficial when the appointments are made 3 weeks in a row.


Individual Treatments:

Initial Treatment: $80.00 which includes an intake history and treatment.

Single Treatment:  60 minutes $70.00

Payment plan options available



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