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By Raphaela


Qi (pronounced chee) is the energy that flows through the body and Gong means the cultivation of that moving energy.This energy moves through channels called meridians. When the Qi is not flowing freely through the meridians, physiological and emotional problems may arise, joint and muscle pain, PMS, menopausal symptoms, anxiety, stress, degenerative diseases and cancer.


When Qi is flowing freely,

the body maintains balance and health


 My work as a Qi Gong therapist is to assist the body's natural ability to heal itself.  On your first visit, we go through an interview process, where I ask a number of  questions based on the Five Element Theory in Chinese Medicine.  I am looking for patterns of physiological and emotional symptoms that relate to the five energy systems. For example, if I ask about skin, the large intestine, sadness and sinus I am finding out about the Lung energy system.  If I ask about, low back pain, fear, cold hands and feet, pain in legs, ankles or feet, I am finding out about the Kidney energy system.  This gives me a picture of your health and well being and what may be out of balance.

After the questions I scan the body using the palm of my hand about 12 inches above the body to feel where the energy is congested or getting trapped and I then pull out the blockages, sending energy into the particular meridian points and areas of imbalance, to help with that particular persons needs.  When I send energy into a point, I touch the area of the body I am working on lightly with my hand.  Following the treatment, I teach techniques, such as gentle movements, rhythmic breathing, meditation, and visualizations, which can be done at home to promote further healing.  
The initial treatment lasts about one and half hours and further appointments last about an hour.

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