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Qi Gong

By Raphaela


Qi (pronounced chee) is the energy that flows through the body and Gong means the cultivation of that moving energy.This energy moves through channels called meridians. When the Qi is not flowing freely through the meridians, physiological and emotional problems may arise, joint and muscle pain, menopausal symptoms, anxiety, stress, digestive and sleep issues, degenerative diseases and cancer.


When Qi is flowing freely,

the body maintains balance and health


 My work as a Qi Gong therapist is to assist the body's natural ability to heal itself.  

I work with people who are juggling careers and family life, who struggle with challenges, ranging from stress, anxiety, fatigue, digestive issues, headaches and feelings of being overwhelmed.

These amazing people want to be in control of their health and wellness, feel more alive and energetic, have more time for themselves, and know they are living life to the fullest, not just struggling through it.

What separates my practice from other therapeutic work is my approach.  I work from a holistic standpoint.  I listen carefully and attentively to my clients.  I take into account all the different aspects of the person, physically and emotionally.  I focus on the cause and not the symptoms.

I am knowledgeable, with years of experience.  I spend time with my clients, giving them the attention and care they need.  After a series of threatments they feel more relaxed, centered and focused and ready to fully live their lives in a healthy balanced way.

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