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Qi Gong and the Summer Season :

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Summer is the season of the Heart and the Small Intestine Organ Systems. It is the time to live life to the fullest. It is expansive, radiant and outgoing, a season of blossoming and growing, a season of warmth and light.  Peacefulness of the spirit and tranquility of the mind, are the hallmarks of a harmonious heart. The mind resides in the heart in Chinese Medicine.

 The Heart Organ System is considered the Emperor of  the body.  So in order to keep the Emperor happy, we have to keep ourselves healthy and in balance and have our Qi or life force energy flowing smoothly throughout our body.                              



A Very Special One Time Offer To You :

A Qi Gong treatment, designed for your individual health and wellness.

A $75.00 value at $65.00 to you.

This offer is good until August 31st  so book your appointment before then.

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